Reduction of environmental impact

Sensitive areas of natural beauty

We are delighted to have obtained permission from the landowners on Arran to organise this event on their estates – special thanks goes to Arran Estates, the Dougarie Estate and the National Trust for Scotland in this respect.

We are working with David Broom our ecologist to plan the courses so that they avoid any damage and disturbance to sensitive plants as well as nesting eagles and calving deer. More detailed information about the ecology will be added to this page soon. Please follow advice and recommendations and aim to leave the area without a trace.

Geology of Arran

The Isle of Arran is a world class geological location with a superb range of rock types which can be viewed in the field. There are not many places on earth where in a 3km walk you can span more than 100 million years of history.

Interested? Our own Chris Wainwright put this information together about the geology of Arran:

Car share

We would ask you to car share (Covid-19 guidelines at the time permitting) to Ardrossan to avoid the impact on the environment and also to save parking spaces. You can use our Facebook group to organise your car share. There is no formal parking organised for the event on Arran so please aim to leave your car in Ardrossan


To avoid using a massive amount of plastic we will NOT offer any cups or plastic glasses on our event therefore please bring your own. If you do have a plate or bowl that you can use for your food at the finish on Sunday that would be really appreciated.

Fire risk / Overnight camp

The overnight camp is at a beautiful, remote location and the landowner is very concerned about fire risk. Please therefore be very careful with your stoves and open fires are strictly prohibited. We all need to leave the mid-camp location exactly as we find it leaving no trace of our being there.