Frequently asked questions

I have never entered a Mountain Marathon before. Is the Kong Mountain Marathon suitable for a beginner?
Absolutely! We would recommend the C linear course or the short score course where you can determine the route yourself and make it as easy or difficult as you would like. You do however need a reasonable level of navigation experience and experience in the mountains to take part in the Kong Mountain Marathon. If you don’t have this maybe it is best to partner with someone who does and form a team to enter.

Where is the Mid camp?
The location of the overnight campsite will only be disclosed to you when you get your map and route details at the start on the Saturday morning of the event.

Which course should we do?
Please look at the Courses section of the web site carefully. This contains a great deal of detailed information and certain courses are limited to those with specific prior experience.

What maps do we get?
Each competitor will be given a 1:30,000 map specially prepared by Harvey’s and printed on a plastic type waterproof material for the event area. The map will be issued on the Saturday morning at the start. Both days you will receive a paper control card with the check points for your route (and check point values if you run the score events). If you need a plastic bag for the paper control card, please BRING A FREEZER BAG. No bags will be provided.

Can we use GPS?
No. GPS devices (including mobile phones and watches) may be carried throughout the event but must NOT be used for navigation. Any team found using their mobile phone or other electronic devices for communication or navigation purposes except in the case of emergency will be disqualified from the event. It is allowed to make photos with your mobile phone. We rely on the integrity of our competitors to follow this rule. It is permitted to use a GPS device to track your route for post-event analysis, but this data must not be accessed during the event. There are no battery charging facilities at the overnight camp. The use of barometric type altimeters is permitted.

Do we need to use grid references to mark the course on the map?
The map is overprinted with circles showing the controls used on all courses on both days. At the start on each day you will be issued with a control description list (control card) for your course including grid references. You will need to identify which controls on the map are the ones for your course. You must take a pen (Fine Sharpie is best) with you for the event and we recommend a waterproof permanent marker is used to highlight your specific controls on the map. There are a number of markers that work well on dry maps and are not affected by subsequent wetting. You will be marking up your map in the open so be aware of this in the event of rain. Be sure to try out your marker on a wet plastic sheet before you get to the event! If you need a plastic bag for the control card, PLEASE BRING A FREEZER BAG, no bags will be provided.

Do we have to carry all our water for the weekend?
Water will be available at Event Centre and Mid-Camp. At Mid-Camp the water might be from a stream and may need to be treated (boiled). The organisers do not provide water or feed stations on the course. You must be self-sufficient in food and the only water available will be from natural sources and this is dependent on the weather and the precise location of the course. You will have to judge whether it is fit to drink and use a suitable filter or other purifying method if you think appropriate.

Can we camp at the Event Centre?
Camping is available free at the Event Centre from late on Friday afternoon and tents can be left erected until Sunday 6 pm. The organisers take no responsibility for tents or any items left in them over the weekend. Neither the Event Centre nor the Mid-Camp are available for non-competitors to camp or use over the weekend.

Can I leave my Car keys at the Event Centre?
Yes you can, car keys can be deposited at registration and collected there after the event. The organisers shall not be responsible for any keys left in their possession and accept no liability for their safekeeping howsoever arising.

Is there baggage storage at the Event Centre?
Yes there will be the possibility for people to leave their baggage at the event centre. Please make sure it is clearly labelled with your Name and Team number. Bags are left entirely at the owner’s own risk and no liability will be accepted by the organisers in the event of any damage or loss howsoever arising.

What time do we start?
On Day 1 runners can start between 8 am and 10 am. When entering you can indicate whether you want to start early (8-9 am) or late (9-10 am). Team numbers and start times will be allocated two weeks before the event and details emailed to you. On Day 2 there is a chasing start at 6:30 am for all competitors on the linear courses who are within 45 mins of the course leaders according to their finishing time on Day 1 in relation to the leaders. On Day 2 other runners (including all score course runners) can start at any time between 7:15 am to 9 am.

What are the toilet arrangements?
Toilets will be on site at both the Mid Camp and Event Centre.

Can I bring a dog to the event?
No dogs are allowed at the event (even on a lead).

What is available at the Mid Camp apart from water?
No food or drink is provided at the overnight camp and you must bring all supplies with you. It is against the rules to be supplied with any other food by friends, family, pubs or shops during the event.

Can I leave rubbish at the Mid Camp?
No! You must take back everything you have brought with you, this includes things like bubble wrap you may have slept on and all food packaging. Random checks will be carried out at the finish.

Is there any entertainment at the Mid Camp?
From our experience on other Mountain Marathons the overnight camp usually has a great atmosphere with everybody discussing Day 1 and their route choices. We will display Day 1 results. Big news is that there will now be a Ceilidh (Scottish entertainment) at a short walking distance from Mid camp. There will also be a bar but you should not depend on this. You need to be self sufficient for food and drink!

If we make it to the Mid camp but have missed checkpoints along the way then can we still start the Sunday course?
Yes, provided you do so with your original team partner. You will receive a time and position for the Sunday course alongside the other competitors so you may feel this allows you to finish the event on a positive note .You will obviously not be given a time or position for the whole race as you will not have completed it.

What happens if we make it to the Mid Camp but wish to withdraw from the event?
Please tell the overnight camp team if you do not plan to start on the Sunday. If you make this decision then you are responsible for making your own way back the Event Centre but please tell us your plans in case for whatever reason you do not get back to the Event Centre. The Mid-Camp is situated some distance from the start and typically to return could involve many hours walking. We will provide details of local taxis but it is up to you to arrange and pay for these.

Can we buy T-shirts?
A commemorative event t-shirt can be purchased when you make your entry and will be available for collection at the event. If you do not purchase on entering a few of each size may be available to purchase at the event but on a first come, first served basis.

Can my entry be deferred until next year if I or my partner is injured?
We’re sorry but entries cannot be deferred until the next year under any circumstances and the refund policy will be strictly applied. You can change a partner prior to the event, provided your team still meets the qualifying criteria for the chosen course.

What is your refund policy if I am not able to compete in the event?
If we are notified by email prior to midnight on 30th June we will refund the entry fee and the costs of any T-shirts purchased less an admin fee of £25 per team. After 1st July, a refund less £25 admin fee will be given only if the course is full and a replacement can be taken from the waiting list.

How can I review my performance after the event?
On our website we will publish not only overall and class times and scores but also split times and positions for each leg between control points. This enables you to see where you lost or gained time on other competitors. We will also load the courses onto Routegadget so you can either plot your route manually or upload any GPS trace you have collected. If other competitors do the same then you will be able to see how their route choices compared to your own.

If there is anything else you need to know, then please do not hesitate to contact us.