Safety, Emergency Procedures & Bad Weather Courses

Runner Safety

The nature and the challenge of the KONG Mountain Trial is that runners remain self-sufficient and responsible for their own safety throughout the race. Should an accident occur it is initially the competitors’ responsibility to look after themselves or each other and raise the alarm.

In the event of an accident make sure that the casualty is put in their survival bag. Shout and use your whistle to summon help from others who may be nearby.

Ensure you make a careful note of your exact position (grid reference) and any features you can identify. If necessary call 112 or 999, ask for the Police and then ask the Police for Mountain Rescue.

We also recommend that you register for the 999-text service. To register, text ‘register’ to 999. You will get a reply – then follow the instructions you are sent (for use in an emergency when there is limited phone signal). Please if possible also inform us of your situation – our phone numbers are on the map.


By it’s very nature a Mountain Trial has a number of inherent risks. You will be in high mountainous terrain often hours from the nearest village. Weather can be bad or suddenly turn for the worse. Please be very careful on steep crags and ridges and when you wade through rivers and streams. The biggest risk out there is hypothermia – make sure you bring all the required kit! There are some roads from the event centre to the start and elsewhere. Please be careful crossing these. And be careful if you encounter any cattle in fields you cross.

The Golden Rule

Whatever happens ALL RUNNERS MUST REPORT TO THE FINISH AND DOWNLOAD THEIR DIBBERS, regardless of whether they finish, retire, or even start. This is our check to account for everyone being safely off the hill.

Bad Weather Course

Runners should assume that the KONG Mountain Trial will proceed even in very poor weather. If the weather is exceptionally poor, we may opt to use our shorter ‘Bad Weather Courses’. Any course changes will be confirmed at registration. If a Bad Weather Course is declared runners must omit certain checkpoints on the linear courses, and the overall time allowed for the score courses will be reduced.


Runners who are unable to continue may retire at any point and should make their own way back to registration and download and return dibbers before leaving.

Course closure times

Both Score and Linear courses close at 7 pm. Any finishers after these times will be disqualified, and it is the runners’ responsibility to adjust their plans – such as cutting their day short – should they be running late.

Please do not continue on your course knowing that you will finish after the Course Closure Time and if you believe you are going to be late inform us by phone if you can. Our numbers will be on the map.

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