Philip Rutter & Neil Talbott – Winners of the Isle of Arran 2022 Kong Mountain Marathon

Provisional results can be found here:

The Routegadget results can be found here:

Thank you so much to Mike Godfree from DVO to creating these routegadget results. They give a great insight in how people navigated the score courses and how fast people run on the different parts of the linear courses. You can also compare people. Have a look!

Congratulations to all the winners:

A course – male team

  1. Philip Rutter/Neil Talbott, Helm Hill Runners / Ambleside AC 11:35:35
  2. Ben Abdelnoor/Matt Reedy, Ambleside AC 13:53:49

A course – mix team

  1. Iain Harding/Zoe Harding, Highland Hill runners / Carnethy 14:40:22
  2. James Nicholson/Sarah Hodgson, Carnethy Hill Racing Club 16:52:58

B course – female team

  1. Victoria Thompson/Meg Stuart, Helm All runners 11:16:12
  2. Michelle Hetherington/Madeline Robinson, Carnethy Hill Racing Club 13:31:41

B course – male team

  1. Chris Perry/Tom Perry 10:37:12
  2. Joe Farnell/Clive Tant, Totley AC/ECKO 12:56:02

B course – mix team

  1. Bryony McLeod/Alasdair McLeod, Shettleston/Ochils 10:52:23
  2. Lou Osborn/Paul Cornforth, Ambleside AC 10:59:42

C course – female team

  1. Kate Marks/Katherine Smith 13:18:30
  2. Evelina Folkesson/Camilla Nilss, OK Torfinn 15:37:34

C course – male team

  1. James Hammond/Paul Hammond, Forth Valley Orienteers 7:06:47
  2. Jonathan Wilkinson/Finley Wilkinson 9:24:00

C course – mix team

  1. Neal Hockley/Anwen Hockley, Eryri Harriers 8:16:49
  2. Mads Blomfeldt/Signe Blomfeldt 8:52:33

Long Score – female team

  1. Kirsty Bryan Jones/Kirsten Ramsay 878 points
  2. Lizzie Wastnedge/Chloe Summerfield 637 points

Long Score – male team

  1. James Lowe/Alistair Hearn, Dark Peak Fell runners, Helm hill 1046 points
  2. Jeff Powell Davies/Ian Jones 1040 points

Long Score – mix team

  1. Alastair Graves/Catriona Graves 1040 points
  2. Sue Richmond/Geoff Briggs, Pennine Fell Runners 910 points

Short Score – female team

  1. Emma Anderson/Kirsten Boyd 590 points
  2. Antonia Georgieva/Sarah Martin, Carnethy Hill Racing Club 401 points

Short Score – male team

  1. Ryan Elliot/Charlie Elliot, Dark Peak Fell runners 840 points
  2. Steve Birkinshaw/James Birkinshaw, West Cumberland Orienteering 699 points

Short Score – mix team

  1. Corinna Goeckeritz/Malcom Wilkinson 670 points
  2. Antony Wallace/Elizabeth Gavens 430 points

Vet winners:

A course male vet : Andrew Tindal/Oliver Frost, Wells City Harriers 17:28:20, vet time 15:43:30

B course female vet: Wendy Dodds/Sarah Rowell 14:36:08, vet time 9:20:44

B course male vet: Stephen Jones/Paul Jones, Eyri Harriers 13:40:47, vet time 10:40:12

B course mix vet: Lou Osborn/Paul Cornforth, Ambleside AC 10:59:42, vet time 09:20:45

C course male vet: Ray Johnstone/Andy McGregor, 12:04:38, vet time 09:03:29

C course mix vet: Martin Skinner/Sarah Francis, 12:46:41, vet time 10:21:01

Long Score female vet: Kirsty Bryan Jones/Kirsten Ramsay 878, vet score 1027

Long Score male vet: David Roll/Peter Stobbs 890, vet score 1024

Long Score mix vet: Ed Gamble/Julie Carter 880, vet score 1082

Short Score female vet: Janette MacLeod/Kathleen Inch 390, vet score 464

Short Score male vet: Henrik Flordal/Daniel Rejment 400, vet score 412

Short Score mix vet: David Kirby/Jill Kirby 210, vet score 273