SPORTident Timing

How does it work?

We are using SPORTident timing at our event. At registration each runner will be issued with their own Si dibber, which must be ‘punched’ into the SPORTident control stations at each checkpoint, the start, and the finish to record your time at these locations. You and your partner have to punch a control station within 5 minutes of each other. At the finish the stored control stations in your dibber will be downloaded into our timing system. Do NOT forget to download!

For those unfamiliar with this simple and reliable system, see the picture above and please don’t hesitate to ask for instructions at registration.

Key point: you will know if your dibber has registered at any control station as it will beep and flash when you hold the dibber in the hole in the control station. If you are in any doubt that you have successfully punched in a control station, please take a note of the three letter code on the box and keep this safe until you finish and download in case required.

The SPORTident timing system is an important safety feature of the event and when runners download their dibber at the end of the day we will be able to check that everybody has safely returned.

All controls will be marked with a white and orange orienteering kite as shown in the picture above.

Lost or broken dibbers

Occasionally runners lose or even break their dibbers. In that case let us know at the overnight camp or the finish and we will try to ‘fix’ your results through the dibber download from your partner or we will rely on your honesty in telling us which checkpoints you have visited.

We are sorry but we will have to charge you £35 for any broken or lost dibbers so please take care of them!


All runners will get a Harvey’s 1:30,000 event map each at the start and this map. Whilst the map is strong and water resistant it is not indestructible so you therefore need to ensure you look after it! You may wish to bring your own plastic map case or a sealed map bag to protect it further. The map will be approximately be A3 size.

A Master Map of the competition area (without controls) will be available to view at registration. The Master Map will also show any relevant map corrections and event notes.