Our Plans for 2023 & 2024

The inaugural Kong Mountain Marathon on the Isle of Arran was brilliant! The weather was amazing and everything went well. The routes were on the tough side which suited some people, but made it difficult for others. We received great feedback and there are many learnings for future events. Thank you all for participating and thank you so much to all the volunteers, landowners and friendly people of the Isle of Arran!

Some of you might have heard that this first race, partly due to Covid, did however not break even financially. We are organising this race purely on a voluntary basis and have set up a community interest company where any profits go to charity. Also having organised the 4 hour Kong Mini Mountain Marathons, the complexity and effort that goes into a 2 day event like this is huge.

Having deliberated about the future, we have decided to organise another 2 day Kong Mountain Marathon and see if the race is viable now people know about it. However we want to do this in 2024 (every 2 years) given the level of organisational effort. We already have an eye on another beautiful location in Scotland and the race will again be in the last weekend of August (24/25th August 2024).

For 2023 we are going to organise a 1 day Kong Mountain Marathon on Sunday 27th August 2023 in Central Scotland. We will offer both linear courses and a score course and we are also thinking about organising a marshalled fell race. More information to follow.